Through all these years, growing up, getting married and raising children.. I think I’ve lost myself amidst a myriad of responsibilities. So, I thought of maintaining an online journal, where I would like to start my journey on finding out who I truly am and what it is that I want for myself. I was thinking maybe blogging would be a good place to start, and that by writing, I might actually figure out who I truly am, and what is it that I want from my life. There has to be a purpose.

One thing I know for sure, is that I’ve been fond of writing and reading. This is what also made me a freelance writer. My blogs would allow me to share my opinion on various walks of life that put my mind through a meandering maze of thoughts. I want to connect to you all as a human, for humanity unites us all.

Giving expression to thoughts through writing is something very powerful! Words hold an immense power.

I’d love to receive feedback and comments 🙂

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The Power of Words

Think before you speak! Words hold the power to build, as well as destroy. Keeping a check on what we read, hear or say, can help us build a positive outlook on life and consequently improve our general well-being.


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