Scrawls of an Archaeophile, a Lover of Old Things and Places

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Time was passing like a hand waving from a train I wanted to be on…It is strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our futures…

The human mind has this wonderful ability to think about its own thinking. In Psychology, they call it “metacognition” — becoming “aware of one’s awareness” or higher-order thinking skills.

Nowadays, I often find myself looking in the mirror trying to see those fine lines around my eyes. Time flies for sure and at this stage of my life, I find myself thinking more about my own thoughts, my “old” thoughts.

I would say it is quite interesting to try to understand one’s own pattern of thoughts and musings.

Catching myself gravitated towards old things and places, I reminisce some fine lines from Charles Lamb’s essay on “Antiquity” :

“Antiquity! thou wondrous charm, what art thou? that being nothing art everything? When thou wert, thou wert not antiquity – then thou wert nothing, but hadst a remoter antiquity, as thou calledst it, to look back to with blind veneration; thou thyself being to thyself flat, jejune, modern! What mystery lurks in this retroversion? or what half Januses are we, that cannot look forward with the same idolatry with which we for ever revert! The mighty future is as nothing, being everything! the past is everything, being nothing!”

Lamb knew what it felt like to be nostalgic! Nobody can put it more exquisitely in words than him.

You find a lot of people telling you not to live in the past, but Oh! the pleasure of taking that walk down the memory lane — nothing like it!

I would rather embrace my past, the old days, the old things and places that are now memories to be relished, I would never try to cut them out from my experience of this world. They made ME. They are pure gold!

I would rather be myself, my “evolved self” than pretend to be something I’m not. I won’t part with my old self, and still keep my new self. I think most of you would agree with me. You are what you are because of what you’ve seen and gone through.

Visiting museums, witnessing old architecture, and strolling through antique shops has somehow become an addiction to me. These places are the “nothing” and “everything” that my soul craves, I desire to take them in like a breath of old air, like a scent, that soothes me somewhere inside. Everything seems to be time-kissed after all these years!

A part of me surprisingly feels young again when I visit the school I once went to in my childhood, and the bazaars I used to shop in. A part of me also mourns, when I recall the people who are not there anymore.

As the winter nears its prime, I sit in my cozy lounge chair and read poetry .. I contemplate how life has been. As I sip warm tea from the mug, I peek from the window at the grey sky with a hazy sun, and once again get reminded how all things old and beautiful, are also shrouded by a mysterious haze which renders them a charm incomparable.

Time has callously ensnared a lot of beautiful things and places around me, or should I say, transformed them into something more lovely, more admirable by its sacred touch!

Maybe I should just greet the passing of time like an old friend…

Antiquity! thou wondrous charm, what art thou? that being nothing art everything?

What Gives Meaning to My Life?

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Nothing makes me happier than finding myself useful!

People are often seen wondering about the purpose of life on this earth, some are clueless as to how they should make their lives meaningful. For some, it’s their desires, dreams, or ambitions and for others, it’s just small acts of kindness and generosity. Some people accumulate things to feel content, others want to give things to feel satiated. Some want to command, while others want to serve, and the list goes on.

I have been an educationist for five years, and a writer for more than ten years now, and for me, the biggest source of satisfaction has been my profession and my craft as a writer. I find meaning in life by making myself useful as a mentor and teacher. My profession and my side hustle help me connect with fellow humans on a deeper level, I feel their vulnerabilities, sensibilities, and their fears. I rejoice in their success, their achievements, and their gleeful moments.

I teach to improve, and I read and write to understand!

I’m truly grateful for the opportunities life has given me for bringing a change in my surroundings, for educating the youth, and for all tiny improvements that my efforts made possible.

Wise people say that to be happy one must maintain a gratitude journal and keep a count of one’s blessings, let this post be a confession that I’m grateful and consider myself lucky for all that I can do for humanity’s betterment while I’m alive. Every one of us has infinite potential, and it takes a bit of soul-searching to find it and actualize it.

I’m blessed to be able to use the pen for writing, to read the written word. It isn’t a small wonder for me that I can share what I feel or understand with the whole world through my personal blog.

Thank you dear readers, mentees, and students! Thank you writers for turning me into an individual who can contemplate, question, and empathize!