Good Copywriting is About Telling a “True” Story Well

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Good copywriters are students of the market! Their job is to find what problems people have and then offer them a solution.

All great copywriters of the time have studied the market with the purpose of understanding what is it that the customers want. It’s not a copy that converts, it’s the people’s dreams, desires, fears and hopes that you can direct towards a specific product in order to generate sales. You just need to channelize the urge that already exists in people’s hearts in order to make advertising work. When you address people’s desires and needs, you understand the situation they are in, and you end up winning their trust in you as a seller.

“Your job is not to write copy. Your job is to know your visitors, customers and prospects so well, you understand the situation they’re in right now, where they’d like to be, and exactly how your solution can and will get them to their ideal self.” – Joanna Wiebe

People are so accustomed to hearing words like “my product is the best, you must buy it,” that they always take such claims with a grain of salt. Keep your copy simple, interesting, fun to read and offer people great value. It’s not the “product” that you’re selling — you’re actually selling people a better version of themselves! Nobody can refuse an offer that makes them “better”, and this is what people remember you for, this is what will turn the prospects into customers.

For the sake of brevity, do not undermine the value of telling a story. Stories captivate, stories engage and stories are remembered. Take as long as you need, to tell not just a “good” story, but a “true” story well, connect with your prospects at a deeper emotional level by sharing a story that humanizes their desire, and your intention. They’ll care about what you’re selling when you care about what they want. When you empathize with them, they’ll trust you, they’ll want to believe you and they’ll stick with you. Good advertising always carries a mood which it transfers onto its readers.

 “What I am doing here is taking the reader by the hand and leading him exactly where I want him to go. It seems like a small point and, maybe it is, but is the little touches like this that keeps the letter flowing, the reader moving along, and, it relieves him of the burden of trying to figure out what he is supposed to do when he finishes reading a particular page.” – Gary Halbert

Humans are emotional beings, each one of them carries a history of emotional states, rejections and desires. An appeal to the emotions through copy is hence undeniable, but you must remember that when it comes to spending their hard-earned money, they’ll rely on the logic too and not just emotions. You sell the product on emotions but you need to justify the purchase with logic. Converse with your prospects through your copy, if you succeed at communicating to even one of them, you’ll move millions of them. A good ad is basically a person-to-person communication, it delivers people a control they long for — a control to change something about themselves or their situation!

 “The vast majority of products are sold because of the need for love, the fear of shame, the pride of achievement, the drive for recognition, the yearning to feel important, the urge to look attractive, the lust for power, the longing for romance, the need to feel secure, the terror of facing the unknown, the lifelong hunger for self-esteem and so on. Emotions are the fire of human motivation, the combustible force that secretly drives most decisions to buy. When your marketing harnesses those forces correctly you will generate explosive increases in response.” – Gary Bencivenga

I hope the writers here who’re struggling with copywriting would find this post beneficial. I like sharing my experiences and knowledge with people, I believe one must learn the craft from its masters and hence I’ve quoted some of the renowned copywriters in my blog post.

You can post your queries in the comment section below, thanks.

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