Being Free, Being True, Being You

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I just felt like sharing some thoughts that came to my mind today when I was looking at birds flying in the sky. They’re so full of freedom and this freedom means a lot to them. Birds that are caged and imprisoned forget how to fly, it’s like you’ve taken away their wings from them, you’ve deprived them of their most precious gift. Birds are wary of humans that catch them and cage them, that’s why they fly away when we try to approach them. They feel so free with those wings spread wide, flying and gliding in the skies. It must give them such a heavenly feeling!

“Freedom” is such a rare blessing without question, nobody would ever wish to lose the freedom to be themselves.

I think it is not fair or just to not let others live their lives and be themselves. I have come across such people, and I’ve become wary of them. I don’t think that controlling, imprisoning and caging people is a likable quality. People who do this would never like to be treated the same way, if it came to them. So it’s better to treat people respectfully as equals, as humans with minds and thoughts of their own. This attitude can earn you respect, trust and credibility. It will also emanate compassion and justice, and win you more friends.

I’ve always been a student of human nature, I love analysing why people do what they do. In another way, you can say that I am quite interested in people in general. I want to find out what people think about different things and what goes on in their minds. I love people for who they are, I try to see the goodness in them. But I make sure to keep away from toxic people who drain my energy and positivity, because it takes me long to heal when I’m wounded. I don’t like being bullied around and caged, my well-being thrives on mutual respect. Life has taught me a lot of things about people, and I’m glad that I’ve set boundaries and have learnt my lessons well. I don’t give second chances to toxic people I’ve tried and tested over and over, and my research into their nature concludes they remain who they are inside.

On the contrary, people who are good innately remain so. You can sense them from the vibes they give out, they are beautiful on the inside. Beautiful hearts and good humans can be found everywhere, you may come across them very casually in unexpected situations, but they DO exist.

I personally like to be free and be myself, and this is what I choose for other people too. Everybody is born free and different, and it is likable and fair to let people be who they are as individuals. True beauty lies in being oneself without pretence, without fear and judgement.

Though I have always outwardly appeared as a shy person, I consider myself very observant of people and surroundings. I observe every little nuance of a person’s personality as if it’s a window into their being. I admire people with good hearts, kind demeanour and humble attitude, I value humanity over every material possession.

On a funnier note, I’m actually so much into studying and observing people that they usually find me quirky and different, but the things that make me different are the ones that make me ME!

Have a nice day everyone, don’t let anyone drain your life force!

Be free, be true, be YOU!

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